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First Impressions Matter

The Lobby

First impressions matter! The lobby or reception area of your property reflects the quality and professionalism of your product or service. Maintaining a welcoming and clean front office, tells your visitors that indeed your company is focused, organized and productive. Atlas Property Service understands this, which is why our first priority each day is to clean and maintain the first impression area of your organization!

Clean office lobby.
A sanitary and clean office lobby is welcoming to visitors!


The Conference Room

The meeting or conference room of your office is an area that your visitors will most likely see and meet with you. It is the space that is frequented by your clients, employees and business associates. At Atlas Property Service, we take our responsibility seriously in helping you put your best look forward. Keeping your conference room tidy and clean is an important step in projecting a professional image for your company.


If you have continuous meetings scheduled, then its best to keep your conference room clutter free. When one meeting ends, put notepads, pens, phones, chairs, etc. in their proper place and out of site if possible. Remove all food and drinks from the previous meeting to help with the appearance. It’s helpful if the meeting leader checks the cleanliness of the conference room before the next meeting begins.


Cleaning the Vents

Most meetings are held in closed environments, so it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the vents. Stuffy or smelly vents can cause poor ventilation that may directly impact the staff or visitors health. To avoid this, it helps to get an air-freshener or diffuser installed.


Schedule Your Professional Office Cleaning

Your office should project your image as a company.

Atlas Property Service can get the job done for you. Our professional porters and janitors have the tools for deep cleaning and disinfecting. Services include sanitizing the floors, baseboards, keyboards, phone headsets, shared equipment, sitting surface, etc. We can take care of the details to ensure your office is sparkling and shiny!

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