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Workers unloading and delivering supplies

Does the restroom always seem to be out of toilet paper or hand towels? Is the supply room a mess and there is no back up stock?  What to do?  Call Atlas Property Service. We’ll manage all of the cleaning supplies for you and your company.


Customer Reliance

We have been serving many businesses with cleaning supply purchases and delivery needs, never failing to deliver the goods on time. We are highly relied upon by our customers, and strive to deliver ahead of schedule.

Quality Control

Atlas Property Service provides quality checks on your shipments,insuring that you receive the correct items and the best products, so that you can focus on running your company.

Modern Methods

We use modern methods to track purchasing, supplying and delivering. We use up to date software tools so that there is little to no room for error.  By updating information in our database, we can quickly respond to any problem, such as product backorders, thereby keeping you informed and making order adjustments.

Safety Measures

Safety measures are of the utmost importance, especially with large shipments.  


Atlas Property Service is very prompt in taking safety measures during each step of the process.


This keeps you at bay from any accidental injury and the worries that come along with it.

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