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Cleaning and the Flu Season

The cold and flu season

This is the time of year when bacteria and germs are flourishing in your office. Keeping your space clean while protecting your staff and visitors is important now more than any other time of year. Atlas Property Service uses EPA recommended disinfectants and proper techniques to ensure that the germs that come with sharing an office space are reduced and eliminated.


Significant Reasons to use Janitorial Services

As an employer, you’re rightfully concerned about the health of your team. If employees are continuously exposed to germs in the office, the flu season can sometimes become a revolving door for the staff, as they miss time due to illness. Atlas Property Service will help you keep this ongoing challenge to a minimum. Here are some top reasons to hire day porter and janitorial cleaning services this flu season:


Disinfecting the HOT Germ Spots: There are many communal places in an office setting that are routinely frequented by employees. These high traffic areas become the breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Our cleaning experts will routinely focus on these high touch point areas, to keep the spread of germs to a minimum.

Conference table
Conference tables and other common office areas are hot germ spots.

Target the Kitchen and Bathroom Areas:

These areas of your office are used frequently. We do a thorough cleaning with disinfectants that can be used for cleaning the door handles, faucets, sinks, countertops, toilets, etc. The professional cleaners at Atlas Property Service will remove the germs in those high risk areas to reduce illnesses.


Carpet Cleaning: Carpet cleaning is also important to maintain the health of the employees. The carpets can build up mites and bacteria that may affect the air quality. Regular vacuuming will help keep germs and dirt out of your carpet. Our carpet cleaners at Atlas Property Service possess the right disinfectants to clean the carpets and upholstery.


Keeping the Desks Clean: Employee work stations are a breeding ground for germs, and require regular wiping off of equipment and desktops. Most employees tend to have their morning coffee and snacks at their desks, resulting in spills and crumbs that got away. Atlas Property Service will thoroughly clean every nook and cranny, to keep germs and flu from spreading.


To sum up, if your company is struggling this flu season, hire Atlas Property Service. Let's keep the flu from attacking your team!

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