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Working After Hours Janitorial


A clean environment is a basic necessity for productivity and health. Whereas, a foul and dirty environment is a breeding ground for a number of diseases. Atlas Property Service provides commercial janitorial services in San Diego, and we strive to make your surroundings clean and tidy.


We serve all types of apartment communities, commercial and residential properties including; mixed use properties, commercial buildings, industrial complexes and retail centers. Office areas, common areas, hallways, elevators and break rooms, will sparkle when our janitorial staff is done. 
Property owners and business leaders will agree, customers that visit a well maintained property and office environment, are keenly aware and influenced by first impressions and beyond.  


Atlas Property Service provides both daytime (Day Porters) and after hours (Janitorial) services.

Convenient Scheduling


We match our schedule according to your needs. We have a professionally skilled cleaning team who are proficient to meet your demands. Be it a large building or small, our team can do the job in record time, saving you money. Our team can work nights and/or weekends.
You also have the option of day porter service, during regular business hours.


We are available 24/7 for your janitorial cleaning service needs.

Advantages of Appointing a Commercial Janitorial Service


  • Our team is well trained to work with various tools and chemicals.

  • We will ensure that your office is tidy, clean and the environment is healthy.

  • Our team is monitored constantly by our Regional Supervisors, who perform quality assurance checks to ensure that the work is completed on time and properly. 


  • We offer additional services such as power washing, floor cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and parking lot sweeping. 


Atlas Property Service specializes in janitorial commercial cleaning in San Diego.


Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. We maintain contact with our clients throughout the work process.

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