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hard floor maintenance

Maintaining a hard floor can be a difficult task, particularly with older materials. Hard floors use a variety of flooring material such as ceramic tiles, glass tiles, concrete or cement, and natural stone products such as marble. Because of the wide array of materials used, maintaining a hard floor can be a challenge.

Atlas Property Service provides the best products and service, making sure your hard floors look their best, and here are a few reasons to choose Atlas.



With over 30 years of experience, Atlas has maintained all types of hard flooring. Our trained staff will ensure your flooring is properly maintained using the appropriate tools and products for every floor type.

Our Employees


The Atlas Property Service team are well trained and qualified in using various equipment and chemicals. You can trust in their discretion of how to treat your hard flooring. With experience from a vast number of properties, our team will apply proper methods to maintain your hard floor materials.

Quality Assurance

Atlas Property Service maintains a multiple quality check point for all of the properties we serve.  The onsite porters and janitors report to a Regional Supervisor.  That Supervisor reports to a Client Relations Manager.  Each of these team members plays a roll in quality checking our service. Supervisor onsite visits, employee check lists and photo sharing, are just a few of the ways we quality check our services on a regular basis. 

Customer Value

We understand that you, our customer, have many cleaning companies to choose from. We take your trust in us seriously, and strive to maintain that trust.  Our team is trained and share a strong work ethic. You can be sure your hard floor cleaning will get the best maintenance possible! 


Eco -Friendly

Atlas Property Service uses only certified chemicals and products that cause almost zero damage to the environment.

With over 30 years of experience, Atlas Property Service is the best commercial property cleaning company in San Diego!

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